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Composites for Non-Auto/Truck Groups

Most of MPG's composites exceed 30 pages with 52 lines of data per page. They all include a "Best Performer Index" and a group average. Composites can be furnished for in-house groups or up to 22 of your dealer group's individual stores.

While "Twenty Groups" originated in the retail automotive sector - probably because of brand-specific financial statement reporting requirements by the manufacturers - the concept works in any business segment where group members can compare meaningful comparative data and are willing to share openly with one another business secrets as to how they achieved success in a particular segment of their business - in areas such as: Manufacturing Cost Per Ton Produced - Total Sales Dollars Per Sales Person - Expense Management - Asset Management - Personnel Management. . . and the list goes on and on.

Financial composite

To find out how "good" you really are, you need to join a group of your peers.

If we don't have a group to suit your needs, you can help us develop one!

The purpose of the Twenty Group is to benchmark individual results with the best performers in the group in several areas of dealership operations. Groups are made up of same single and multi-brand dealers of approximately the same volume size. The members of MPG Twenty Groups soon discover when you measure performance, performance improves. MPG created and continues to operate Super Business Intensive Groups by selecting the top volume dealers in each brand line. The format includes dealership critiques by group peers and an on-site review process that drives improvement.

MPG Twenty Groups:

  • Automotive (various franchises)
  • HD Truck (various franchises)
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Comptrollers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Fixed Operations Managers
  • Think Tank
  • Paint Wholesalers
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Pavers

"When you measure performance, performance improves"

Automotive & Truck Groups

Twenty Group History

The founder of MPG, Robert B. Dilmore, Sr., was one of the early developers of the "twenty group" methodology in the 1970's. Through the years, hundreds of dealers have become members of "twenty groups". In 1983, Dilmore began to build Super Business Intensive Groups by selecting the top volume dealers in each brand line, and he introduced the business intensive format that ultimately has made MPG famous. The format included dealership critiques by their peers, and an on-site review process that drives improvement. MPG brought a new measurement of success to the industry - Return on Assets - and soon after, developed the ultimate benchmarking index - MPG's Top Twenty Percent Performers, who average better than a 20% return annually over five years. MPG developed a Benchmark Proforma Balance Sheet - to attain "Best Performer" Asset Management. From that, MPG developed a new forecasting model based on Return on Assets. These unique tools are now being used by several large dealer organizations nationally.

Business Intensive Twenty Groups

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