twenty group  management /  automotive consulting / litigation support


~ MPG does not handle Product Liability Cases

Testimony and Deposition Experience:

  • Dealer franchise Add points
  • Dealer terminations
  • Dealer Succession issues
  • GM and Chrysler arbitrations-27 
  • Dealer-Employee issues
  • Dealer-Customer issues
  • Wrongful terminations
  • Factories Right of First Refusal cases
  • Dealer Employees stealing data, customer lists, et al.
  • Dealer/Finance Company cases
  • Factory Violating Sales Agreements
  • Valuation Issues
  • All types of Cases involving Dealership and Dealer issues

MPG has been recognized as one of the leading litigation support services in the USA since 1987. Our years of experience in the industry, specific benchmarking data, providing valuation studies for clients, and our constant exposure to many of the leading dealers in the industry provides us with fact based experience and data. We have been engaged by both defense and plaintiff lawyers and clients.

 testifying on automotive and Dealer Related issues since 1984