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Do you need to get your human resources department off the ground?

Get your human resources department off the ground or improve your new HR department by attending MPG's two-day, comprehensive HR training course.

This program is designed for the new and semi-experienced HR professional; as well as managers and business owners looking to increase their understanding of HR issues.

This program will be especially helpful to employees who have HR responsibilities with little or no formal training.

We are committed to making sure you understand the results and apply them appropriately.

After the hire, MPGs assessment tools can help you manage your employees for greater productivity.

MPG can help you move beyond hiring by instinct and show you an assortment of objective hiring tools so that you can make a better informed decision in the hiring process.

If you have never tried this program, contact MPG today for information and additional sample reports.

Our assessments help you make decisions. We are clear about the strengths and weaknesses of the people we assess for you.

Would you like to get beyond the surface of your job candidates before you hire? MPG can help.

We offer a variety of testing and profiling tools to help you select the best candidates. From clerical to executive, MPG can assist you in selecting an employee that is the best fit for the positions you offer.

Candidate assessments



With the rise in employment litigation and ever-increasing need to control expenses, leaders are realizing the need to focus more attention on their financial; as well as, human assets. Our HR Twenty Group provides ongoing training and peer idea exchange for the personnel responsible for your human resources. Members attend three meetings per year that provide new techniques and ideas for tackling the day-to-day challenges and strategic implications faced in your organization. Training will allow members to anticipate and prevent human resource problems before they arise.

Meetings are Business-Intensive and include a minimum of twelve (12) training hours. Meetings are an interactive format - not a lecture series so that the participant takes an active role in learning.

A place to trade ideas and share strategies with a group of your peers.


HR Twenty Group

3 Ways to Improve the Way You Manage Your Human Resources

The Assessment Process


Candidates are provided a link and password that take them directly to the pre-selected instruments. Instructions are simple and easy to follow.


A comprehensive report will be emailed to you within a few hours. The report will cover the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate.


An individual feedback session can be set up if you would like to discuss the no additional charge.

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