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MPG excels in "turn around scenarios" - if your company is not performing up to our Best Performer Index - we can show you how to get there and even tell you if your current manager and work force is capable of getting your business on track and keeping it there.

Does your CPA understand the real value of your dealership?

Dealership and other business valuations are performed for many reasons; Buy/Sell, Estate Planning, Shareholder Agreements, Partner/Shareholder disputes, Family Planning, Successor Planning, and other specific reasons.  Accurate valuations based on facts and circumstances must be carefully crafted to meet the needs of the client, while satisfying IRS or any other entity affected by the outcome.  In our opinion, valuations performed by skilled practitioners are much more valid if the valuator has deep and broad actual experience in the automotive industry. Call on us for a quote to perform this service for you.



Please contact us regarding any other area where you need assistance. We would be glad to outline a plan for you.

Areas of Consulting:


  • Turn-Arounds
  • Valuations
  • Buy/Sell
  • Successor Planning
  • Partner/Shareholder Disputes
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Estate Planning
  • Fixed Operations
  • Variable Operations
  • Business Financial Management